Progression Basketball Academy (PBA) is one of our partners both organizations provide hope and support to women and their families. Until, PBA gets their individual non-profit, they will be under the umbrella of TYS2L as a program.

Executive Summary

Progression Basketball Academy and its affiliates are dedicated to helping young athletes gain exposure for their talents and obtain an athletic scholarship for college. These efforts are designed to “level the playing field” for student athletes in middle schools, high schools; as well as communities that may not have the resources or budgets to give their players’ the platform that they deserve. Progression Basketball Academy believes that every athlete deserves the opportunity to develop their abilities as far as their own desire, talent and hard work can take them. We want our student athletes to get the exposure and preparation needed to excel in middle school, high school, prep school, college athletics, and even in professional basketball careers.

Getting local kids involved in athletics pays dividends to the entire community. However, not every parent can afford the expense. Our program plans to work closely with other community organizations, sponsors, non-for-profit entities and charities to ensure that every athlete with the interest to develop his or her talent gets a chance to participate and have the opportunity to display their talents to top recruiters and scouts. Fostering a love for the game in the community, and helping kids with talent develop their skills are activities that every individual can support.

Mission Statement

Our mission for the Progression Basketball Academy program is to create an environment that is conducive for serious student athletes to thrive in the sport of basketball. We are dedicated people who desire to develop the next generation of scholar athletes from our own communities and beyond.

The Golden Ticket Showcase

PBA-Golden_Ticket_ShowcaseThe Progression Basketball Academy’s Golden Ticket Showcase is a weekly program held in a private basketball facility located in Queens, NY – where young female student athletes are able to compete in structured, simulated games to showcase their talent and gain exposure to hundreds of scouts and recruiters across the country. Our website will highlight the players’ profiles, bio’s, previous school information and stats. In addition, our site will provide live-feed video for coaches and scouts to have the opportunity to stream the games online and view the players if they are unable to attend our gym facility. We want our student athletes to get the promotion and preparation needed to excel in high school, prep school, in college athletics and ultimately professional basketball careers.

We have partnered with Take Your Sister 2 Lunch, Sisters Inc. (TYS2L) – a 501c (3) not-for-profit culturally diverse women’s organization. Together, our programs encourage, motivate and propel all individuals to reach their maximum potential both academically, physically and professionally. “Hope and Opportunity” are the direct correlation of our partnership. Our program is geared towards young student athletes in different age categories; with the passion and discipline to be the best version of their selves. A designated day will be assigned for each athlete according to the age brackets that they fall into. Entry into the weekly clinics is gained by receiving an actual golden ticket and registering online at:

Keshon L. Moore
Mr. Moore is the Founder, CEO and Head Coach of the Progression Basketball Academy and Golden Ticket Showcase programs. He is an accomplished basketball player, trainer and coach. Under the mentorship of his legendary uncle – Ben Moore (Warwick High School, VA) – along with his own personal success, Mr. Moore has harnessed the skills and knowledge needed to help the next generation of kids achieve their maximum potential both in sports and in life.

He is the current “All-time assist leader” in history for Curtis High School (Staten Island, NY). In addition, Mr. Moore received a full scholarship to Division II North Carolina Central University (NCCU). After college, Mr. Moore worked as a Teacher Assistant then became an Assistant Coach at Warwick H.S. in Virginia.

With almost 30 years of experience in this game, Coach K wants to develop the next generation of scholar athletes and give back to the community.

Monique N. Russell
Ms. Russell is the CBO and Program Manager of the Progression Basketball Academy Training and Golden Ticket Showcase programs. Ms. Russell is described as a hardworking administrative professional with solid computer, customer service and interpersonal communicative skills. Her career includes over 15 years combined in several fields: administrative/clerical, sales, legal, medical, real estate, and finance.

Ms. Russell received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree majoring in Information Systems Management from Berkeley College. Also, she is an active member in her church (Abiding Love Ministries) as part of the Choir, Community Outreach team, and the Media and Technology departments. She has a passion for business, people and self-development.